Amazon Echo Tap Bluetooth Speaker/Smart Home Hybrid

Review of the Amazon Echo Tap Bluetooth Speaker/Smart Home Hybrid

amazon echo tap

The $129.99 price-tag attached to this smart home device is quite worth the price. In spite of the stiff competition it has in the smart home device market, the Amazon Echo continues to wax strong and is still capturing the hearts of many. The Echo is not completely a perfect device but it is highly functional.


The Amazon Echo Tap has a dimension of 9.25 x 3.27 inches which is quite enough to fit into just about anywhere in your home. It comes in two colors; black and white, so you do not have to worry about the device competing with the colors of your home décor. The bottom half of the Amazon Echo is perforated with tiny circular holes with the Amazon logo placed at the extreme bottom. The uppermost part of the device is the volume ring and the rest of the device is pretty much unadorned or just bare. There are two buttons on top of the Amazon echo; one which is used to switch off the microphone and another which is a multipurpose action button. The Amazon Echo can also be controlled by an optional remote             that has a microphone itself. So you can speak into the remote to control the Echo rather than shout across the room. The volume of the speaker can also be controlled using the remote as well as control your music playback.

App and Setup 

The instructions to set up the Amazon Echo are straightforward and that makes setting it up simple. First download the Echo app on your smartphone, plug in the Echo and follow the instructions on the app from there. The app can also be accessed from a browser and the Echo does not need your computer or mobile device to access the cloud. Once the speaker is linked to your Wi-Fi, it would always work with the cloud.

Voice Control 

You can either use the word “Alexa” or any other three words that you can set yourself to wake the Echo. The voice recognition feature continues to get better and more accustomed to your voice over time as well as over continued use. Alexa can also be used for other things such as what the weather is like, traffic situation in a particular area, sports scores and fixtures.

Audio Performance

The Echo’s audio performance is also pretty decent and for its price it is not entirely bad. It provides a pretty decent bass but when the volume is tuned the highest, the sounds get distorted a bit. Other than that it is a speaker that performs quite well. 


  • Voice recognition is superb
  • Works quite well with several third party services and devices.
  • Fun and easy to use.
  • Sound quality is high and decent enough.
  • Regular update with new features


  • Cannot access emails or messages.
  • Distortion of sound when speaker is tuned to the highest volume.



There are a lot of speakers out there and Amazon Echo is not just a speaker, a large number of its users are interested in the smart voice assistant feature. So if a speaker is what you are looking for, you have a lot of options, but for a smart home voice assistant with a wide range of skills, the Amazon Echo is just suitable for you. And with $129.99, you will get one for yourself on Amazon.

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