Mistbox Energy Saving Device, Proven Energy Saver

mist box

Energy saver, AC Unit Stress Reliever, and Smart Home device. The mistbox has a proven record of saving you up to 30% off your air conditioner bill. You may be wondering how it works and the answer is actually quite simple, if you are a rocket scientist or really big on air conditioners. The control unit of the mistbox uses sensors to detect the period of operation of your AC unit, syncing with the climate outside it is able to optimize mist and the health of your AC unit and acts as a great integration into any smart home setup.

Once it has all of it figured out, a few droplets of water, formed into mist (hence the name mistbox) pre-cool the incoming air which takes a load off of your air conditioner especially on those hot summer days. How do you power this smart home energy saver? Simple, it has a turbine generator that uses your exhaust air from the AC condenser, which is cool. The application will also allow you to view energy usage, statistics on the mist box, and keep you up to date with any changes of the health of your mistbox smart home system.

Originally on kickstarter requesting only $10,000 to get the campaign funded, it exceeded any prospect forecast in the amount of support it recieved, now you can buy the mistbox through kickstarter for a few days until the campaign has ended, so grab it while you can!

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